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The popularity of such a communication channel as push-notifications for potential buyers is increasingly growing on a daily basis. However, it hasn't reached the top yet. But it already helps to increase the traffic and revenue for websites, social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, YouTube channels and mobile applications. Those who have already used this tool are well aware of this.

Next Generation Push-notifications

Zel.biz is a new generation service for collection, management of, and making profit from push notifications. We tried our best to make it as possible easy and convenient for use and functional as well. After your registration you will have more opportunities for the use of push subscriptions.

Advantages of our service

All the needed tools are on the same site
Ready landings for collecting subscriptions
Wide capacity automated mailings
Trigger and bulk mailings
Quick and easy start. Just integrate your code at the site.
Statistics details with UTM tags
Customization of push notifications
Segmentation by several attributes

To webmaster

Making profit with us will always sustain you happy with what you get. After a month, you will increase your daily income by 80% or more. We can guarantee that!

To advertiser

Nothing can be easier:
Desktop/Mobile, Geo, Browser/Platform, Interests, Black/White lists, GET parameters, etc.