PUSH-NOTIFICATIONS for your business

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what is it?

What is

  • Push-notifications are short messages that are easy to set and send to subscribers.
  • You can easily segment the target audience, display time, and other parameters.
  • Notifications are instantly displayed on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.


How does it work?

Subscription module

You set up subscription collection module on your website in a couple of minutes

Notifications mail out

The user optionally subscribes to the mail out of important notifications

Notifications and clicks

When getting notification and clicking on it, the page of the site you have indicated opens.


Targeted ads on any device

Notifications work on all devices connected to the Internet

Computers and laptops

Pop-up notifications in the corner of the screen even if the browser is currently closed.

Tablets and smartphones

Notifications appear on top of other windows and programs, pausing for a few seconds and staying in the notification curtain.


Why us?

All tools on one site

No need to use third-party services and external modules

Ready-to-use landing pages for collecting subscriptions

Use ready-to-use and tested solutions by us

Automation and customization of mail outs

Set up push-notifications mail out as you want and attract more TA

Segmentation by various parameters

Segment your audience by gender, age, geolocation, and other characteristics

Statistic with UTM tags

Get comprehensive statistics on promotion and traffic

For publishers and advertisers

Attract audience, sell subscriptions and start your ad campaigns

Effective tools for publishers and advertisers

For a publisher

Earning with us will always make you happy with your income. In a month, you will increase your income by 80%. Guaranteed!

To advertiser

It's very simple: Desktop / Mobile, Geo, Browser / Platform, Interests, Black / White sheets, get-parameters, etc.


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In-Page Push: push-mailing now works even on iOS

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