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Installing Android applications on a computer: the best emulators

    • Installing Android applications on a computer: the best emulators.

      There are many reasons why you might need an Android emulator on your computer. For example, developers test their applications in this way. And ordinary users can play their favorite games on the big screen or use their favorite Android applications directly on the PC. Today, there are many Android emulators. We will consider the most functional and convenient of them.


      Not surprisingly, it is the best Android emulator for the computer. The program is not only continuously developing, but is completely free. Almost all applications and games are supported, the emulator works stably and quickly.

      Features of BlueStacks

      • downloading and installing games/applications directly inside the emulator
      • synchronization with your smartphone
      • support for the basic functions of the smartphone, such as a calendar, mail, clock, etc
      • control with the mouse and keyboard
      • work with the Google Play app store
      • low system requirements for comfortable work
      • support of 12 languages

      But mind you! For normal operation BlueStacks requires a minimum of 2 GB of RAM on your computer and a video card that supports OpenGL. And root-rights in the emulator is quite difficult to obtain. Although most users do not need this.

      Nox app player

      Another popular Android emulator with high performance and an extensive set of tools

      • Among the advantages
      • Custom screen resolution
      • Keyboard and mouse controls
      • Support for the Play Market
      • Functional navigation bar
      • Relatively low system requirements
      • Work even on older versions of Windows, including XP
      • Regular stable updates

      Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages, too. It can be noted that the partially overloaded interface and the presence of defects in the built-in program directory.

      Andy android

      Another popular emulator for running Android applications and games on a computer. It works on Windows and Mac OS.

      • Features and benefits of this emulator
      • Support for Google Play
      • Control with the mouse and keyboard
      • Pre-installed file manager
      • High speed installation of applications
      • The ability to run Android applications directly from the desktop;
      • Good performance of "heavy" applications and games
      • Support for Intel and AMD processors.

      Among the shortcomings, it’s possible to note only the emerging advertising content, as well as periodic slowdowns in especially heavy games. To install the emulator it requires a processor with support for virtualization technology.

      You can try different emulators and not even be limited to those listed here. We are sure that there is one that will fully satisfy your requirements in all respects.



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