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Bitcoin = $ 1,000,000. The most daring prediction of the course

    • Bitcoin = $ 1,000,000. The most daring prediction of the course

      For the time when this new is being written, the cost of 1 Bitcoin (BTC) makes more than $ 10,000. And this cryptocurrency can hardly be called as too stable. Rapid leaps in the course and no less dramatic falls are a frequent occurrence. But what will be the historical culmination of the cost of the most famous cryptocurrency? We have collected some of the most daring foreseeing for you!

      1 Bitcoin = $ 20,000

      Today, this figure no longer seems unattainable for Bitcoin. Most experts suppose that this is a very real course in the nearest future. And billionaire Mike Novograts is confident that this is going to happen at the end of 2019 - at the moment when investment banks will be activated. Afterwards, the course will start going up to around $ 40,000.

      1 Bitcoin = $ 40,000

      The main strategist in Binance Jin Chao assures that this figure will be achieved. The main reason is that all investors have already realized that Bitcoin is much better than any altcoins, and they are ready to invest in it. So, its price will only go up. Many also believe that in the next two or three years, the value of Bitcoin will have been increased by 5-10 times.

      1 Bitcoin = $ 100,000

      Ex-analyst at Goldman Sachs Bank Murad Makhmudov believes that now you should not even take into consideration the jumps in the Bitcoin exchange rate, since in the near future it will reach $ 100,000. Murad Makhmudov is sure that currently the market is experiencing a stage of accumulation, after which the most rapid leap in the rate will occur.

      1 Bitcoin = $ 250,000

      Type Draper, a venture capitalist, is confident that by 2022 the value of one Bitcoin will reach $ 250,000. And he says that such prognosis is conservative enough. The cost can be much higher, indeed. Draper also recommends considering Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, not just as means of investing, but also as a tool for daily use – shopping and paying for various services.

      1 Bitcoin = $ 1,000,000

      Obviously the most insane and ambitious forecast belongs to the creator of McAfee antivirus John McAfee. Moreover, he is convinced that this figure will be reached by the end of 2020. And those weekly fluctuations followed by the owners of the cryptocurrency, McAfee calls ridiculous, encouraging them review more distant prospects.

      Now it is impossible to predict with absolute certainty what the price of Bitcoin will be in a month or a year. But what we have seen earlier makes us to suggest that even the most daring forecasts may turn out to be true.



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