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How to obtain real followers on Instagram

    • How to obtain real followers on Instagram

      So, you have seriously taken up an Instagram account and want to promote it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your personal profile or the profile of the company through which the sale of goods, the provision of services, etc. will be conducted. Our aim is to pick up a lot of active subscribers. How to do this?

      Always start with preliminary preparation: upload an avatar, pick up a catchy nickname that will convey the conception of your profile, think over and prepare a visual series and content. Profiles with no content will hardly take an interest among people. When everything is ready, you can get down to markup directly.

      Effortless markup and programs for it.

      Effortless markup is a better solution in many ways. You get the real audience attracted and, as a rule, they are active, and there are no risks of your account to be blocked due to cheating. There are several ways of effortless markup

      Use of relevant hash tags.

      They will enable users to find your page themselves, following the hash tags from other people’s posts. You can register hash tags manually, take from competitors, use the services by their selection.

      Interaction with competitors.

      Like and comment on the posts of your competitors. Therefore, you will attract the attention of their audience and you will might lure a part of this audience into your profile.

      Geo location tags.

      Always put a geo location so that it will be easier for people to find you and they immediately understand that your product or service is attached to a specific region (if so).

      Guest posts.

      When you already have a certain audience base, you can arrange an account with approximately the same number of subscribers about mutual posting. In this way, you will help each other increase the number of subscribers and it will cost you next for nothing.


      If you want to automate the process of obtaining subscribers, you can use special programs. Among the free ones, we can distinguish the following: Bosslike, Freelikes, Ad-Social and others. There are applications for smartphones with similar functionality: Follow for you, Get Famous On IG Guide, Followers BOOM, etc. The essence of them usually comes down to the fact that you like them, leave comments, subscribe to other accounts, earn points which you can spend on new subscribers.

      There are paid analogues around as well: Instaplus.me, Tooligram.com, Kmads.ru and others. It is important to remember that automatic markup at too fast tempos can really entail account blocking. Thus, you should act carefully. For instance, you can combine natural methods of markup with automatic one. This is the best solution in terms of efficiency and safety.



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