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Elon Musk highlighted the main problem of mankind

    • Elon Musk highlighted the main problem of mankind.And this is not global warming.

      Elon Musk, the founder and head of SpaceX, has repeatedly spoken out about the global problems of humanity, which must be dealt with already now. In other case we must be prepared for them at least. So, according to Elon Musk, in the next 20 years we will face a real demographic collapse. What does it entail? We can only assume.

      Musk said: “I am very concerned about the issue of natality. Many speak only about overpopulation of the planet, but I consider this view to be outdated and not far-sighted. “What is more important is the demographic collapse that we will face in 20 years.”

      The fact is that natality will rapidly decrease in the coming years, families will have children at a later age, nations will grow old. Moreover, according to Ilon Mask, the birth rate will go down not only in China, where overpopulation has been actively struggling for many years, but also in the other countries of the world.

      What is demographic collapse?

      The demographic collapse – is a catastrophically extreme extinction of the population, which is a logical stage after the population explosion that we have seen in recent years on the planet.

      Among other things, Elon Musk said that even the active migration taking place in the world in recent years will not help to overcome the demographic collapse. After all, a drop in the birth rate will be observed everywhere.

      Among the causes of future collapse we can point out a few ones:

      1. Due to improved economic indicators, the great demand in a large family as a guarantee of a stable life is no longer required.

      2. The costs of bringing up children, their education, etc. increase every year.

      3. Many couples are in no hurry to have children before 30-35 years old. Some even decide not to have children.

      Probably in the nearest future we will really become the witnesses of a demographic collapse. After that, most likely, the population of the Earth will stabilize. However, there is a version, and many experts are inclined to believe that by 2500, humanity could simply die out as a species.

      Now it is hard to believe in such a forecast, but there have been precedents in history when huge civilizations died out. And a person, as you know, has all the necessary powers to destroy himself. Nuclear weapons are a vivid confirmation of this.



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