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Huawei has finally quarreled with Google. No more Google services.

    • Huawei is experiencing hard times. First of all, due to the introduction of US sanctions, because of which the manufacturer’s new smartphones did not receive Google services. This has already overshadowed the release of the new flagship Huawei P30 Pro, which without the services of the search giant is not of interest to buyers, despite its impressive characteristics. But, it turned out, this is not the end of misadventures.

      It soon became clear that the service not only installed the necessary services, but also provided third parties with full access to users' smartphones. Even to messages and calls with the ability to record them. Google, of course, found out about this and quickly took action. The site was immediately blocked, and Google developers introduced new solutions that do not allow you to install their services not only by the proposed method, but also by any other. In addition, there is a serious reason to believe that the site itself was launched by Huawei, which further discredits it. As a result, Huawei smartphones were left without Google services completely and irrevocably.

      And now a reasonable question arises - is it really worth buying smartphones from Huawei in such realities? There is no definite answer. Perhaps in the future, Huawei will be rehabilitated, sanctions will be lifted, and cooperation with Google has been established. But so far this perspective is too vague. Another development scenario - the company creates its own application store and other components of the services of Google. But how long it will take and how well everything will work is another big question. In addition, Huawei focuses primarily on the Chinese market, which is why users from other countries can be greatly deprived.

      What conclusion can be drawn right now? If you were planning to buy new products from Huawei, it is still better to wait a bit. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a top-end smartphone with greatly reduced capabilities and a limited list of supported software. But if this is not critical for you, then you can still consider new items for purchase. After all, the company's smartphone is objectively good in many aspects and can give odds to the flagships of even more famous brands. And so we can only follow the further development of events and hope that the Chinese manufacturer will be able to fully return to operation in the near future.



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