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Bitcoin. The Beginning of the Era

    • It is almost impossible to trace the clear chronology of the appearance of crypto.
      Cryptographers have worked on implementation for more than a decade
      A decentralized mathematical computing system.
      The creators of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto and Hal Finney used as their own
      Works and works of other cryptographers to present to the world in 2008
      The first in the history of crypto - Bitcoin. Presented file with protocol
      Crypto, having described the main specifics of the payment system, it is Satoshi
      Nakamoto, which makes it his name most often associated with a coin. In addition,
      The minimum fraction of Bitcoin is named after him - "satoshi" (0.00000001 BTC).
      Bitcoin was based on the principles of anonymity, security and complete
      general availability. The purpose of its creation was the desire to provide fast,
      Secure and fully decentralized transactions that should have
      Become (and indeed have become) an alternative to already familiar payment systems.
      For example, PayPal, Webmoney, etc.
      In 2009, the rate of Bitcoin was 1.309.03 BTC = $1. By 2012, 1 Bitcoin cost
      Already $8-12. Rapid price growth began in 2013, when the price of Bitcoin
      Crossed the $1,000 mark. Then came the fall of the exchange rate, but on
      Wave of previous jump greatly increased interest in crypto from
      Internet users, which eventually also had a positive impact on the course. Already in
      2017 year, one Bitcoin could be exchanged for $20.
      2017-2018 became years of crypto. Many began to invest actively
      To Bitcoins, to purchase equipment for mining (so-called mining farms),
      Earn on rate fluctuations. Condition for 2019 excitement around Bitcoin
      Slightly quiet, but many experts predict that in the future the price
      Coins can grow to $60. And therefore the growth of interest in crypto in the future
      more than real.



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