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What are UTM tags and how do they work

    • Conversion by traffic sources is important for any company promoting its services. To obtain information about the effectiveness of a marketing company, UTM tags have been developed. They are short snippets of code that are entered in the URL. It is not necessary to set them manually. You can simplify your life using special programs.
      Today, tags allow you to most deeply analyze the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. With their help, you can get advanced statistics for the source of traffic of interest. For example, you can find out the maximum conversion of placed banners, the most effective key request and much more.
      The concept of UTM tags is quite simple. To get detailed statistics of the source of the traffic you are interested in, you need to add variables to the page URL. They are expressed in the form of a _GET parameter. They, in turn, will be decrypted by Yandex.Direct and Google Analytics.




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