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Benefits of push notifications and their comparison with email, SMS and messaging

    • We talk a lot about push notifications as an advertising tool, but have not yet compared them to other types of mailing - email and SMS. We improve! Here is only a small part of the features of push notifications.

      1. The message is read almost immediately. The letters are opened later. Or they don 't open at all.

      2. Messages don 't get into spam automatically. Emails get in.

      3. No additional conditions are needed except for the user contact. For other types of mailing you need.

      4. You can use as precise a location as possible.

      5. Flexible filter configuration is available to leave only interesting and up-to-date messages.

      And that 's far from all the benefits of push notifications as an advertising tool. It is a functional, convenient and efficient tool that works much better than other types of mailing. We do not deny that advertising works best in the complex. But if you need to use something one thing - the choice is obvious.



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