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Uzbekistan plans to restrict the import of a number of goods

    • At the end of September, Uzstandard made a proposal to introduce restrictions on
      the country to import some household appliances, equipment and even smartphones. These
      the provisions are spelled out in detail in the decree “On additional measures for
      consumer protection. ”
      The list with restrictions includes:
      1. Refrigerators, freezers, other
      3. Air conditioners and other climate equipment
      4. Hand tools with internal electric motor
      5. Vacuum cleaners
      6. Electric heaters
      7. Mobile phones
       8.Monitors, projectors, etc.
      Each type of equipment and machinery has its own acceptable threshold
      import into the country. This means that soon export to Uzbekistan will be connected.
      with some limitations. And this will primarily affect the work of large
      companies exporting their goods to Uzbekistan.
      The document is expected to enter into force on January 1, 2020. Besides
      of the listed restrictions, the document also states that those on the list
      types of equipment, machinery and tools will be able to sell only official
      representatives of the manufacturer in the country.


      Such innovations may well negatively affect the economy. Uzbekistan, complicate the import of products into the country and cause a shortage of many goods. And this despite the fact that competitive domestic production within the country actually not.



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