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Interesting facts about accounting

    • It would seem that interesting could be in accounting? Such procedures as accounting reporting, accounting support of IP or LLC and other transactions are presented to residents as a series of boring calculations. However, there are interesting facts about accounting that you are probably not yet aware of.

      Facts from History
      Accounting emerged as a consequence of the increasingly complex system of economic relations in primitive society. Even in conditions of natural exchange of products it was necessary to keep a record. The oldest form of reporting is slaughtering on trees.

      Historians are convinced that the first semblance of accounting system appeared already 6,000 years ago. The homeland of accounting is considered Ancient Egypt, where records of an accounting nature began to be performed on papyrus and clay boards. The term "accounting" itself was put forward by the Italian mathematician Luca Pacholi in the 15th century. He started modern accounting.
      The international coat of arms of people of the accounting profession consists of three figures: the sun - accounting covers economic activity, weights - balance, Bernoulli curve, stressing that accounting, having once arisen, will exist forever, and the motto: Science, trust, independence. The author of the coat of arms of accountants is the French scholar Jean Baptiste Dumarchet (1874-1946).
      Individual facts:

      Statistics show that 86% of accountants are women;
      International Accountant 's Day is celebrated on 10 November;
      Accountants of Moscow have their own separate professional holiday, it is celebrated on November 28 - Day of Moscow accountant;
      There are national accounting schools in different countries;
      Sherlock Holmes, who was seen by viewers in the world 's first adaptation of Doyle 's famous works, was not a professional actor but an accountant;

      Famous people whose profession in education is accountant: Mikhail Zoshchenko, Alexander Vertinsky, Elizabeth Arden, Herbert Wells, O. Henry, Carl Marx, Heinrich Schlimann (known for discovering the ruins of Troy);
      The profession of accountant is recognized as a field of activity with a high degree of risk, because it is easy for the accountant to become a victim of fraudulent fraud and be unfairly accused of theft, fraud, etc.



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