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Give up the elevators, park the car away from your destination, Walk more.

    • The twenty-first century man mostly leads an extremely slow-moving lifestyle.
      We work at the computer, at home we sit at the computer or at the TV, at
      We move the city by car, public transport or taxi. As a result, for
      The day passes only 1-2 thousand steps, which is catastrophic little. You need to pass
      A minimum of 10,000 steps.

      You may well walk more. Try to give up the elevator, go up and
      Go down the stairs, put the car further from the house and walk, get up
      One or two stops in front of the destination and travel this distance
      on foot.

      Walking for man is extremely useful:
      ✅ becomes stronger muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory systems;
      ✅ slags are removed from an organism, the varicosity is prevented;
      ✅ for 15 minutes walk about 100 kcal of fats are burned;
      ✅ stagnant processes in a small basin are removed that is very important for men.

      In addition, endurance increases, immune system is strengthened, sleep
      Becoming stronger and normalizing mental health. And if you have time and
      The opportunity to complement walking with running - the results will be even better.



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