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Performance criteria for Push-notifications

    • Push notifications, with all their variety and application possibilities, are not always equally effective. But why do some advertisers “push” work as one of the most effective sources of traffic, while others do not give even half of the expected result? Let's try to understand the issue.


      It’s very important to keep track of the visibility of your notifications. It is necessary to take into account the time, day of the week and other parameters. For example, not always your target audience will open notifications during business hours. It may be worth revising and rebuilding the frequency. For example, set up a newsletter at eight o’clock on weekdays, when the majority of Internet users return home from work and go online.


      Often design is underestimated, and this is a big mistake. If your notification looks "cheap" and nondescript, it is unlikely to interest the user. Therefore, if possible, do not skimp on the services of a designer, and then the interest in your advertising will become much higher.


      You must not only demonstrate to the user your product or service, but also push it to action. For example, to offer special conditions limited in time, to provide a discount when clicking on the link, etc. If a person sees benefits for himself here and now, his interest will grow significantly.

      Remember that you need to experiment with the formats of push notifications, try something new, and track statistics. And then you will reach the “golden mean”, in which the interest of the target audience will be at a high level, and you will not waste time and money. We are sure that with Zel.Biz tools you can do everything in the best way.




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