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How to make money on push subscriptions and how push notifications work?

    • All the secrets of how to make money on regular push subscriptions and push notifications. Find out what Push is and why today it is a powerful source of traffic. Ways to make money on push notifications.
      There are many ways to monetize a site - from connecting search engine ads to linking to other resources and affiliate programs. But today, push subscriptions are gaining popularity as a method of monetization. And you can really make good money on this!
      How to make money on push-subscriptions and get a steady income
      Monetizing the site with push-ups is a relatively new way to earn money. But now it is gaining great popularity. This is understandable, because with a successful deal for 1000 subscribers, you can earn more than $ 100. And leads from mobile devices are even more expensive. But if we talk about the foreign Internet. In the CIS, the situation is slightly different - for 1000 leads, you can get $ 15 or more. But for a popular resource, this is far from the limit.
      Many push subscription services show statistics of their partners. There are really large amounts. For example: Clicks - 140 743 943, Leads - 15 711 183, Profit - 223 574 $. Even in the domestic segment at current cost it would be very good money.
      But let's get from theory to business. How to make money on push notifications?
      Zel.Biz service offers several ways to earn affiliate programs.
      1. Automatic redemption of subscriptions at 2-3 rubles apiece. That is, you can automatically sell subscriptions and immediately receive income. In the future, these subscriptions are transferred to the service.
      2. Revshare - you do not earn on subscriptions, but you can use them to attract traffic, thereby attracting more interested customers without spending large budgets.
      An advertiser can use push mailing tools to develop and launch an online advertising campaign. At the same time, payment is charged only per click, and not for impressions, which is much more profitable. Webmasters can pay for a subscription to the Zel.Biz service, collect a base, advertise goods and services in a convenient way. A great opportunity not to pay impressions and clicks, but to focus only on "quality" actions - subscriptions, conversions, orders, etc.
      How much can you really earn on push newsletters
      Let's try to calculate the estimated income from the push newsletter. For a thousand subscriptions, we take the average income of 50-80 rubles per day. Here, of course, the theme of the site plays a large role. Therefore, the price can vary greatly. The number of unsubscriptions on average is 1% of the number of subscriptions. Accordingly, with traffic of one thousand people / day and the daily number of subscriptions is 25 people. after one and a half to two months, about a thousand people will be in your database. And this will provide an income of one and a half to two thousand rubles a month. Note passive income. Further, of course, it will increase.

      You need to understand that the longer you are in the system, the higher your profit will be. But the numbers are very different from what your site is, who your target audience is, what its features are, etc. But if in the first month you may think that the income is small, then from the second or third situation changes in a completely new way.
      Benefits of Monetizing Push Subscriptions
      The main plus is that the affiliate program accepts virtually any traffic. For example, if you use a popunder, this will also be counted and paid. You are not limited in actions; you can act in a way convenient for you and earn money.
      There are many ways to make money on "push", you can choose any. For example, the mechanism of accessing a file through a subscription is now popular. Its essence is that the user comes to your site for some kind of file (video clip, program, book - whatever). But in order to get a direct link, he needs to fill out the PP form. When filling out, it actually confirms the subscription, after which it gets access to the file you are looking for.
      The benefits are for both sides. You easily get new subscriptions, and users get access to the files they need. We recommend that you try this method of attracting an audience and increasing the number of subscriptions. And do not forget to experiment - push-subscriptions and notifications provide a lot of opportunities and tools for this. Use convenient tools Zel.Biz. Here you can enable subscription collection in a couple of minutes - just by adding a couple of lines of code to your website.



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