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Service for push notifications: features and benefits

    • A few years ago, web-push notifications were something completely new, rarely used and not fully understood. Today, push notifications for the site have become as commonplace as Email newsletters. And even more common. After all, working with mail is inconvenient for both the owner of the site or the advertiser, and the average user.
      There are many services offering to work with “push” for free. However, not all of them are equally convenient, practical and easy to use.
      A modern push notification service must meet a number of criteria:
      ● provide all the necessary tools for setting up and running the newsletter;
      ● provide automation capabilities for newsletters;
      ● guarantee a quick start even if a person has no experience in this field;
      ● generate detailed comprehensive statistics with UTM tags.
      And that's not it. A professional service provides ready-made landing pages for collecting subscriptions, makes it possible to personalize notifications on the site for different users, and guarantees correct operation for mobile devices, etc.

      Tools for earning and advertising

      Web-push notifications allow you to not only advertise your products or services, but also to earn money. Our service allows you to collect, manage and monetize browser push notifications and notifications on mobile devices. The process of implementing subscription collection tools is as simple as possible - just add a short code to the site. From this moment, the collection of subscriptions for push notifications will begin.
      Browser push notifications are tools for two categories of people:

      1. For webmasters. They can earn by collecting subscriptions and sending advertising notifications to different devices: computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones. Also, using the newsletter, you can increase the number of visits to your own site by 80%.
      2. For advertisers. They can use the capabilities of push notifications to advertise their goods and services, return customers to the site, inform about new promotions, sales, goods received at the warehouse, etc. Moreover, you can flexibly configure all display parameters for a specific category of users: gender, age , geolocation, other.

      There is also software for wrapping push. It does not always work correctly, plus there is a risk of falling under the sanctions of search engines. Therefore, if you decide to use it, proceed carefully. But most users usually have enough standard push notification services capabilities.

      Advantages of using services to work with “push”

      Push notifications are a new communication channel that many companies use. Moreover, not only large corporations, but even small online stores and simple landing pages. And if previously setting up and running push mailings was a rather difficult task, requiring time and knowledge, today everything is much simpler.
      Using a special service for working with push notifications, you get several significant advantages at once:

      1. The newsletter is very simple to create. In essence, a notification is a short message with an image. It is created very simply, does not require special design skills and knowledge. Therefore, time will not be needed for this. Plus, if necessary, you can experiment with formats and content in order to ultimately create the optimal type of notifications that will interest your target audience.
      2. Communication with the target audience is conducted in almost real time. Notifications come instantly, if only the user's device is connected to the Internet. If not, it will come at the time of connecting to the network. Thus, missing an important message is almost impossible. Of course, all “push” can be set a certain “life span”. For example, at the end of the campaign, their distribution ceases, users will not receive them.
      3. Really high percentage of discoveries. Unlike SMS and Email newsletters, push notifications are opened much more often and more timely. An SMS message is easy to swipe and forget about it, you can skip the letter, it can get into spam or the recipient simply forgets to open it. Push notifications also appear on top of other windows, immediately show the user text and graphic information. One click - and the user goes to the site.

      Plus, the “push” service allows you to send notifications to almost any device and browser. Regarding the latter, all popular web browsers are supported: Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and others. Therefore, no matter which browser the user uses, he will receive a notification. But nevertheless, we note that in different browsers the display of "push" can differ significantly. But this is a separate topic for discussion.

      Flexible push notification settings

      If initially push notifications were limited in terms of configuration, now the situation has changed a lot. You can configure almost any parameters:

      ● one click subscription;
      ● use of multimedia content;
      ● selection of the area of ​​the screen where the notification will be displayed;
      ● flexible timer setting for re-sending an invitation to subscribe to the newsletter;
      ● convenient combination of contact data, including with a phone number and Email, if the user provides them;
      ● different scenarios for using push notifications;
      ● extensive tools for personalizing notifications;
      ● segmentation of distribution by geolocation, browser version, language, operating system and other parameters;
      ● targeting by gender, age, purchase history;
      ● setting up branding of notifications themselves at the discretion of the client of the service.
      Over time, the number of settings and personalization options will only increase. But now there are enough tools to attract an audience to your offer, attract more people to your site and increase the number of sales at times. Use new technologies and make your online business successful.



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