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Push notifications xiaomi notification settings

    • One of the main advantages of the MIUI operating system is the wide range of settings and customization options that are not available on the iPhone and on stock Android. But many owners of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 smartphones (and other models) are faced with the fact that they do not receive push notifications. How to enable "push", read on.

      Why push notifications do not come

      There are significant differences between a regular Android and MIUI 10. To improve autonomy, the developers of the MIUI operating system imposed some restrictions on user applications. The introduction of prohibitions on network connections in VK, Viber, and other programs has significantly reduced battery consumption.
      But this led to the fact that MIUI does not display push notifications when the screen is locked. However, the problem is not solved even when the program is started manually. In order for Xiaomi notifications to start arriving, you need to perform a comprehensive reconfiguration of the operating system. We detail how to enable push notifications on Xiaomi smartphones in different ways.

      Configure autorun

      Most often, users are faced with the fact that Xiaomi does not receive push notifications from instant messengers and social networks. Some utilities do not work correctly if the user has not configured autorun. In order to allow applications to send push notifications to Xiaomi, you need:

      Open the Security application.

      Go to the "Permissions" section.

      Select the “Autostart” column and mark the utilities from which you want to receive notifications.

      Set the background mode

      Also, access to geolocation and network connections is often blocked by an incorrectly specified energy saving mode. It is worth noting that in the standard energy saving mode MIUI independently locks background processes, so many applications do not show any notifications.
      There are two ways to fix this problem:

      Set the energy saving level to “Increased” and selectively unlock the necessary utilities. In particular, we recommend limiting the background activity of Xiaomi system applications. So the user will be sure that the phone’s resources will be allocated to those processes that are relevant to him.

      Turn off power saving. In this case, all applications will have access to background activity and the phone will work as a stock Android. But we remind you that when you turn off the "Energy Saving" function, the smartphone will discharge faster.

      Thanks to these simple manipulations, the energy saving mode will work without harm to important processes. And the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, 6 or newer will not interfere with applications with special types of background activity.

      We configure applications

      You can also customize individual utilities. On the iPhone, for example, this is not possible, so this is another advantage of the MIUI interface. In order for important utilities to continue to work in the background, you need to go to "Settings" and select "Battery and Performance". Further, depending on the version of MIUI, the name of the desired item may differ. We are looking for "Background" or "Battery consumption by applications."
      The user is invited to prohibit restricting the background activity of all offers or to allow blocking background activity when possible. We recommend that you customize each application. After all, this way you can limit the work of unnecessary utilities. But if you are not particularly interested in slowing down the battery, you can perform a general setup of activity control in the background for all applications.
      Customization of utilities is performed in the same section of the menu. You need to open the topmost item with the choice of utilities and select the "No restrictions" column. You can also optionally allow or deny the smartphone access to your location.



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