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Instagram has already begun to hide likes in the USA

    • For several months now, rumors have been circulating that the popular social network Instagram plans to stop showing likes on users' pages. Until recently, everything ended only with a discussion of such a prospect, but in early November of this year, US users began to report that they had lost likes on Instagram. They can see likes under their own posts, but under the posts of other users Instagram removed likes.
      Recall that testing for hiding likes began in April. The innovation was inevitable. And there are several reasons for this:
      ● Firstly, Instagram representatives have long said that a small number of likes by some users and a huge number of others hit self-esteem strongly, people are less willing to share content, believing that no one needs it.
      ● Secondly, this is another step in the fight against cheating likes and subscribers, which is what a lot of industry has been hunting for. The problem is that both likes and subscriptions were all bots and there was no actual benefit to the user in them.
      ● Thirdly, such a solution can overcome the dependence on likes, which affects millions of people in our time.
      Of course, not everywhere in this decision only pluses. It will be more difficult for advertisers to find popular bloggers, analyze their target audience and statistics, which will cause problems with advertising integrations. Now, the question of how to make money on likes on Instagram, there is no definite answer. In addition, it was the likes on Instagram that were for many an incentive to create original, high-quality content. It is possible that some users will simply lose interest in the social network.
      But objectively speaking, the fact that Instagram blocked likes is still a plus. Now users will relate to their own popularity more carefully and calmly, not chasing after illusory success, but concentrating precisely on content and communication. When the likes disappear completely for all users - is unknown. But it is likely that this will happen in the coming weeks or months as soon as testing is completed.




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