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Google collects data from millions of US residents for a new covert project

    • The fact that Google user data is collected in large quantities has long been no secret. First of all, with the aim of improving our own advertising services. However, it has recently become known that the search giant has begun collecting user data from the United States in promoting a major medical giant.

      The project has the code name "Nightingale". It provides for the collection / processing of patient health information from twenty-one states of the country. Relevant information was published by The Wall Street Journal.

      According to the information that is at the disposal of journalists, Google began collecting data after starting work with Ascension medical structure back in 2018. It is noted that Ascension has more than two and a half thousand hospitals and facilities throughout the country. This allowed Google to access large amounts of information.

      What data does Google collect?
      The search giant probably has access to the following information:

      health status of patients;
      results of medical research;
      Name, date of birth, other.
      According to Ascension representatives, doctors and clients did not know about data collection. But according to reporters, at least one hundred and fifty Google employees have access to this data.

      Google itself does not deny the fact of collecting patient data, however, it emphasizes that its activities do not contradict the Federal Law on Health, and the data is under reliable protection. However, Ascension employees express their concerns and believe that such actions are not entirely legal and unethical.

      Google also states that the goal of data collection is to create a universal search service that will become an aggregator of disparate patient data. They probably will not be integrated with your Google Account information. But on the ethical side, such actions really raise a lot of questions. It is difficult to say how this situation will be resolved. But Google has repeatedly come out of such situations without much hassle.



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