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Promotion de la chaîne YouTube: méthodes actuelles pour la fin de 2019

    • YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world, it is visited by about 1.9 billion people every month. Not surprisingly, YouTube ads are also in high demand. And at the same time and not cheap. But advertisers are willing to pay, because this is a great opportunity to advertise their product or service to an interested audience in large quantities. But what are the promotion methods on YouTube relevant today?
      YouTube targeting
      This is rightfully the most convenient, safe and effective way to promote on YouTube. Average CPV is between 10 and 30 cents. Payment is only charged if the person actually viewed the advertisement. This is important, because some users have ad blockers.
      The site today offers flexible targeting:
      ● attraction by interests;
      ● gender, age, estimated income, other demographic factors;
      ● Placement of advertising (channels, websites or applications)
      ● topics;
      ● keywords.
      How to choose the best ad placement on YouTube
      It’s best to combine different placements, analyze performance, and choose what works best in your case. And there are a lot of options:
      1. Overlay ads at the bottom of the video.
      2. Display ads located on the right side of the screen above the video recommendations for viewing.
      3. Impossible advertising, which is shown immediately before the main video.
      4. Advertising that you can skip. A few seconds must be watched, after which the commercial can be closed.
      5. Advertising cards that appear on the right side of the video.
      The cost of YouTube advertising in each case is different. Therefore, it is important to proceed from your wishes and budget in order to get the maximum effect.
      If you advertise your products and services in your own videos, you will need to promote a YouTube channel or promote a video on a YouTube channel if you want to attract a maximum of viewers to a specific video, and not to the channel as a whole. Here, the creative approach, the uniqueness of the content, the vivid thumbnails, descriptions, the interesting name of the video and much more are already important. There are a lot of subtleties of promoting videos on YouTube, and you need to approach this issue comprehensively.



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