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Social Media Push Notifications

    • Usually, after installing Instagram, VKontakte, and Facebook apps, they ask permission to send notifications when they first turn on. If the user gives these permissions, there are no problems with alerts. But what if the application does not send notifications. The Zel.Biz team shares recommendations on how to set up alerts and where to look for settings in different applications.

      Instagram push notifications
      To set up Instagram push notifications, launch the application and go to the settings. To do this, go to your profile and click on the “sandwich” icon (three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner). Next, click on the gear and select "Notifications."

      Here you can pause or enable all notifications and flexibly configure which notifications will come:

      publications, stories, comments;
      Subscriptions / Subscribers
      Incoming messages, etc.
      If, after setting up, the “push” still doesn’t come, it’s probably the phone’s settings. About how to enable notifications on smartphones with iOS and Android, we wrote earlier.

      Push notifications in VK
      Now - how to set up push notifications in VK. The procedure is similar. Launch the application and click “sandwich”. You will go to the list of "Friends", "Communities", "Music", etc. In the upper right corner is the image of the gear - click on it and select "Notifications".

      There are many settings. You can not only enable and disable alerts, but also configure their display. For example, “push” private messages, group chats, community messages. You can also enable and disable notifications about likes, reposts, comments, mentions, new posts on the wall, friend requests, birthdays, events, etc. We recommend that you study all the items and configure them for yourself. Again, if after the settings the alerts still do not come, read the article mentioned above.

      Facebook push
      The Facebook app is hardly intuitive. Many do not know where the push notifications are on Facebook. Launch the application and click “sandwich” - as in previous cases. Scroll to the bottom and click on Settings and Privacy. In the pop-up menu, select "Settings". Here, scroll to the bottom almost - you will see the item “Notifications”. It will have the first sub-item - “Configuring notifications”. Here you can enable or disable push notifications in principle and also flexibly configure them according to the points:

      other activities related to you, other.
      You can also set up notifications via SMS and Email. If you want to not miss important messages, you can enable them.

      Instead of a conclusion
      If you use third-party applications, for example, for VKontakte on Android, the process of enabling and setting up push notifications may vary. We recommend that you visit the developer page to find out the details of the settings. Or try the schemes described above - usually the differences in the settings are minimal.



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