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Every fifth company in Russia chooses exclusively advertising on the Internet

    • The world of advertising is changing rapidly. If 5-10 years ago, advertising on the Internet was only a small part of large advertising campaigns, today it is the basis for the promotion of many goods and services. According to statistics, now every fifth company in Russia selects exclusively advertising on the Web, abandoning the old methods of promotion. The offline share drops very quickly. As well as the budgets that are allocated to it.
      Starting from 2015-2016, about 20% of Russian companies switched to online promotion. For them, digital advertising has become the main tool. Such data is provided by the IAB Russia research group based on surveys of major domestic advertisers.
      It is also noted that more than 60% of advertisers confirm an active increase in budgets for digital promotion. And 22% of companies spend 40-80% of the budget on online advertising. Others spend less than 40%.
      Will online advertising replace offline promotion?
      According to Valentina Smolyakova, executive director of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia, it is impossible to completely abandon offline promotion at the present stage of development of advertising technologies. Yes, the company's advertising on the Internet experienced a rapid leap several years ago, but now the pace has slowed. All companies that have chosen this direction have already switched to this format. Others make the transition as smooth as possible and combine different types of promotion.
      Also, Valentina Smolyakova reports that today the largest segment of domestic digital is filled mainly with small and medium-sized businesses. Other companies strive to advance in all directions, combining online and offline. The reason small and medium-sized businesses choose the Internet lies on the surface. Here the budget is limited, and therefore you have to choose one direction. The choice falls in favor of a more effective one. But large players can afford advertising of several types at the same time.
      Who spends on advertising on the Internet the most
      The development of online advertising in Russia is very uneven. So, there are some segments in which it occupies a much larger share than in others. For example:
      ● real estate - 60%;
      ● goods for home and repair - 53%;
      ● cars - 49%;
      ● goods for children and banks - 43% each.
      The following segments are inferior to them with a big difference: electronics, technology, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals. They account for 10-15%.
      It is not surprising that a significant part of online advertising is provided by online stores, of which there are a large number today. Interactive advertising on the Internet and other methods of online promotion are largely their merit. They use a variety of traffic sources: social networks, contextual advertising, placement of advertising information on third-party sites, cooperation with popular bloggers and much more.
      Ad blockers and modern realities
      According to Opera, about 60% of users use ad blockers in the browser. But such a large percentage is due to the fact that the Opera browser has a built-in blocker. Other browsers, and in particular the most popular in the world - Google Chrome, do not provide such a tool. Therefore, there this percentage is significantly lower. Most users still see ads.
      Also, representatives of Opera report that only 2-3% of users consider advertising that they see on the Internet useful. But this percentage is likely to increase, as the algorithms improve and every year users receive more and more relevant and relevant advertising for them.



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