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Can Windows Lite disable a modern OS?

    • Windows, and its 10th version in particular, is the most popular operating system for PCs and laptops in the world. The first version of Windows 10 was released already in 2015, but to this day there are too many shortcomings in it, the “remnants” of previous versions and bugs that arise from time to time among users. In this regard, Windows significantly loses MacOS and Linux. But Microsoft's new OS called Lite OS should fix this.

      So far, information about the new operating system is extremely scarce, and Microsoft itself is not particularly disseminated about the future "OS". Nevertheless, various leaks and insider information now allow you to get some idea about Lite OS.

      Better performance and no junk in the system

      Lite OS is likely to become a replacement for Windows 10, and not just a parallel branch. According to rumors, it will become much less demanding on the hardware and much faster. So, it can be installed even on frankly outdated computers and laptops with weak components.

      According to insider information, we are waiting for

      rather faster system startup at switching on

      increased battery life for laptops

      updated minimalistic interface

      support for working with universal Win32 applications

      Accordingly, the official Zel.biz application for Windows 10 will work in the same way on the new Lite OS. And you can download it right now!

      Apparently, Microsoft is preparing to seriously compete with Apple and Google operating systems. And, of course, the new system will work “out of the box” - without the need for additional configuration, installing drivers and other things. It is also worth noting that Lite OS will work on tablets, and a minimalistic interface will only improve the user experience from using the system.

      Insiders say that initially the system will only support programs on UWP and PWA. However, implementing support for Win32 applications is only a matter of time. After all, we all know how sad the situation is with UWP applications from the Windows 10 store currently. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that on Lite OS you won’t be able to use the usual programs.

      Lite OS will support not only the familiar Intel architecture, but also ARM. And considering that many developers agree that the future is up to ARM, this is a big break-down for Microsoft and, of course, for users.

      Among other things, there is a high probability that the new operating system will completely get rid of the name Windows. That is, Microsoft seriously intends to release absolutely new product that will not be associated with Windows as such. Good or bad - time will show. But for now, Lite OS looks like something completely new, easy and extremely promising.

      Lite OS had to be released a few years ago

      Yes this is true. Windows 10, despite numerous innovations and regular updates, is still not as popular as Windows XP and Windows 7 at one time. There are too many controversial points and nuances due to which users are in no hurry to switch to the latest version of the OS from Microsoft. Perhaps it is Lite OS that will be the long-awaited step that has been expected from the developer for more than a year.

      We can only wait and hope that the insider information and the assumptions of experts will be confirmed. And we remind you that you can download our official Windows application right now and use it without any restrictions!



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