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What's new around Android 10

    • However, what new does Android 10 offer a user?

      So, finally, the jubilee version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android 10 has been represented. And the first thing worth mentioning is that it lost its “sweet” name. Previously, each version was called as a specific dessert: Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and others. Henceforth, there will be only digital designations. Even the prefix Q, which was in the beta version of the “ten,” disappeared with the release.

      Innovation number 1. Screen recording

      Previously, to record the screen, you were compelled to use third-party software or applications, often imposing quality restrictions, adding watermarks and more. Now everything works “out of the box” without additional settings and settings.

      Innovation number 2. 5G support.

      In the nearest future, over twenty mobile operators will deploy fifth-generation networks. Google will take part in this. And the new Android will natively support 5G.

      Innovation number 3. Adaptive work with foldable displays and cutouts on screens.

      Integration of cutouts, rounded corners, flexible displays have greatly improved. This greatly simplifies the work for phone manufacturers if they plan to use non-standard displays.

      Innovation number 4. Live captions.

      Due to the new feature, you can translate any audio into text in real time. This feature will be a boon especially for people with hearing problems. At the same time, transcription is performed directly on the device, and an Internet connection is not required for this.

      Innovation number 5. Improved gesture management.

      Gesture management is not new for Android smartphones. But the gestures become convenient indeed and intuitive concisely in the tenth version. The main goal is the ability to refuse completely from the virtual or touch buttons, freeing up useful desktop space.

      Innovation number 6. Enhanced 3D Face Recognition.

      It is the native support for three-dimensional face recognition technology that should become an alternative to Face ID in iOS. Earlier Android smartphones used less reliable and slower identification methods: fingerprint scanners or relatively primitive face scanners.

      Innovation number 7. Dark theme

      Dark themes in third-party launchers and branded frames of smartphones are not a novelty. But only in Android 10 a dark theme was initially integrated into the system. In addition, it is aimed at saving energy in smartphones or tablets with OLED displays. According to the PhoneArena portal, using a dark theme in certain usage scenarios can save up to 50% of battery power.

      Innovation number 8. Improved
      privacy, updates and many more.

      Great emphasis in the updated operating system is placed on privacy and security. Google has taken seriously the protection of user data. The owner of the smartphone may temporarily restrict access to geo location during the launch of certain applications. Security updates will be installed in the background. There has appered a Focus Mode, which helps not to be distracted from the main tasks.

      The official SnxDroid app already supports
      Android 10

      We always strive to make our smartphone application not only convenient and functional, but also relevant to current trends. SnxDroid is fully supported by smartphones with Android 10.

      You can download SnxDroid to your smartphone right now and use all its features without restrictions.

      By the way, if you want to know even more information about the new version of Android, we have compiled for you a list of unobvious innovations and unique chips that the new operating system from Google received.



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