Terms of use

User Agreement

General Provisions

1. The Zel.biz company offers to its Partners services on the conditions stipulated by the present Agreement. Before using a service, the User undertakes to read the Agreement. By registering, the User automatically confirms that he accepts the provisions specified by the Agreement.

2. A Zel.biz User is any individual, who uses the Partner’s content.

3. The Partner’s content refers to any advertisements distributed by the Partner. It includes banners, push notifications and other types of online advertising.

4. Basic definitions for the User:

● Traffic is number of Users, who use the Partner’s content.

● Service is a package of services provided by Zel.biz.

● Services are Zel.biz tools used to generate income from the Traffic.

● Direct Link is a tool to increase traffic from Web sites.

● JavaScript is a monetizing tool used on Web sites.

5. The Zel.biz company reserves the right to make changes to the User Agreement without prior notice to its Users and Partners. The current version of the Agreement posted on this page shall be considered as actual and effective one.

Subject of the Agreement

1. The User Agreement regulates the relationship between the service Users/Partners and Zel.biz employees.

2. The terms of the Agreement are considered as accepted by the Party after:

● registration on Zel.biz;

● launching traffic monetization using Zel.biz tools.

Rights and obligations of the Parties

1. The Zel.biz company undertakes to fulfill its obligations to the User in accordance with the conditions specified by this Agreement. Zel.biz provides a personal account with a JavaScript code and a Direct Link to ensure the Partner a full participation in the Affiliate Program and access to the statistics.

2. Zel.biz reserves the right to change the services cost and terms by posting an updated information on the Web site. Any changes are effective since they are posted. The administration also reserves the right to delete the Users’ and Partners’ accounts that do not meet the requirements of the Agreement or have any violations.

3. The Partner undertakes to get acquainted with the Agreement provisions, provide reliable personal data, as well as settle issues concerning the copyright and related rights, if any, before using the service tools. Otherwise, the User’s account may be deleted by the administration.

4. The Users and Partners undertake not to abuse the system content, vulnerabilities and software errors for any lucrative purposes.

Services and payment terms

1.  Zel.biz provides the User with tools for the JavaScript monetization and a Direct Link with various types of landing pages and user customizable levels of complexity. The level of complexity is a parameter responsible for the number of openings of the window containing a subscription offer.

2. The User shall be notified of new services and their amendments in the Personal Account on the Zel.biz Web site.

3. Zel.biz pays for the unique users’ subscription to the offer provided by the company. The services are paid according to the CPL (Cost per Lead) model. The User can learn about any changes in the Company pricing policy on the Web site.

Liability of the Parties

1. The Zel.biz administration undertakes to provide all conditions to maintain the service in working order and eliminate any errors without undue delay. The Company cannot guarantee 100% security and confidentiality, but shall do everything possible to secure the User from hacker attacks and any data leakage. The administration shall not take responsibility for the third parties’ actions.

2. By registering on the Web site, the User accepts that Zel.biz shall not be responsible for any lost profit or losses incurred due to incorrect service use or other reasons.

3. Zel.biz shall not take responsibility for any financial or other damage faced by its Partners and Users due to force majeure and other circumstances including civil disorders, natural disasters, military coups, etc.

4. The Service shall not scan files for viruses and other malicious software, and, therefore, shall not be responsible for the receipt and use of such files by the User.

5. Zel.biz shall not be responsible for blocking and improper operation of the Partners’ Web sites and online resources, as well as for the Partner’s and other Zel.biz customers’ content and data quality.

6. Zel.biz shall not be responsible for the appearance of any inappropriate content on the Partners’ Web sites, Partners’ traffic quality, domain blocking, as well as theft or loss of the Partner’s or User’s personal data.

7. The Partner shall be responsible for false representation that can mislead the End User.

8. Zel.biz shall do the best to prevent any failures, errors, force majeure, fraud by its Partners and other events that affect the service operation and interaction with the End User. However, the Company cannot guarantee that the above mentioned problems will be completely eliminated.

9. Zel.biz reserves the right to post links to third parties’ resources on the Web site. However, their performance and safety are not guaranteed. The administration shall not be responsible for any information and files posted on these services. Any link to an external Web site is for informational purposes, and has the nature of a recommendation. It shall not mean that the Company supports activities of such a resource.

10. Any violation of the Zel.biz rules and the Agreement conditions by the User/Partner may entail various penalties, including:

● fines;

● deleting or restricting access to the personal account;

● personal account lockout;

● transfer of the Partner’s personal data to law enforcement authorities.

If you have any questions about Zel.biz activities, we recommend you to address a company’s manager in order to avoid any controversial situations.

Term and termination of the Agreement; dispute resolution procedure

1. The present User Agreement is valid while it is posted on the Web site.

2. The Parties reserve the right to withdraw unilaterally from the Agreement. The User must give notice about his decision at least 30 (thirty) days before the required termination date.

3. Zel.biz reserves the right to withdraw unilaterally from the Agreement at any time (for example, due to any violations committed by the User/Partner).

4. Any disputes can be settled by the Parties on an individual basis. If this is not possible, the Parties can involve appropriate judicial authorities.

5. Zel.biz reserves the right to involve relevant authorities and organizations to resolve technical issues, determine the User’s or Partner’s fault and participate in other inquiries.

6. All disputes are considered through a compliant procedure. The response to a claim shall be sent within 20 (twenty) days from the submission date to: support@zel.biz.

7. Zel.biz shall not participate in disputes between its Partners and End Users, including at the trial level.