Benefits for advertisers

Push notifications are an effective tool for attracting traffic to a site, which is actively used by web developers and publishers. But for advertisers such a message format and method of communication with the target audience is no less relevant, and in some cases even more relevant.

what push notification can give you

But what do push notifications give to an advertiser and why are they an excellent form of advertising?

An advertiser, using this new tool for promoting goods and services, receives several important opportunities and advantages

Quick-growing audience

Rapid building of the target audience base

Displaying on all devices

Show ad units on the screens of mobile and desktop devices

TA Settings

Flexible settings for the target audience by geolocation, gender, age, interests, etc.

Change settings

Ease of changing these parameters when searching for optimal settings

The advantages for you

Benefits of working with push notifications

You probably know that most modern buyers and customers can be found online. The main task is to attract their attention, demonstrate the advantages of your offer and sell. And the ability to work with push notifications as a new traffic channel is an excellent choice. The collection of subscriptions is very fast, and the increase in the number of visits to your site can reach 80%.

In addition, you can use other good ways to monetize your traffic, launch an affiliate program, expanding the potential customer base even faster. Working with “pushes” is convenient and understandable. This is one of the main tools of modern marketing, in many ways superior to regular SMS and Email newsletters, and your earnings in case of push notifications can be much higher.

Zel.Biz offers advertisers flexible and convenient tools for working with push notifications, their settings and launch. We strongly recommend that you test this traffic channel in your own business and compare with what you used before. We guarantee that the difference in favor of push notifications will be striking, and if you have any questions, we will gladly provide any consultations.