Benefits for publishers

Push notifications are being more and more used in the online promotion of goods and services. This is not only a convenient tool for increasing traffic, but also the ability to earn money by collecting subscriptions from your site. We offer to consider what are the main advantages of push notifications for earnings specifically for publishers and why today it is a really good solution.

cheapest channel of communication

Push notifications as the new and cheapest communication channel

This is really true. With its effectiveness and efficiency, pushes<br>remain one of the most accessible promotion tools. It’s much cheaper than Email and SMS, while having a number of advantages

Precise personalization

Publisher can use the call to the user by name, add product recommendations to his notifications, etc.

Deep segmentation

Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, computers (notifications in browsers) - push notifications work correctly and efficiently everywhere. All popular browsers are supported.

Convenience and easy launch

It takes no more than fifteen minutes to set up, prepare and launch the newsletter. Moreover, it is much simpler than work with Email or SMS.

Segmentation by various parameters

Segment your audience by gender, age, geolocation, and other characteristics

for whom

Who is this new traffic channel suitable for?

In fact, push notifications are a very versatile tool, suitable for different purposes

Advertising online stores

Using push notifications, you can inform the user about promotions and sales, remind of an uncompleted order, report discounts on groups of goods of their interest.

News portals and blogs



Push-notifications give an opportunity to remind about the upcoming event, inform about any changes in the program, etc.

Different resources

Resources with different statistic and other regularly updated data. For example, you can inform user about currency rates, fall or growth of stocks and even about weather daily.


Get even more advantages with Zel.Biz

Zel.Biz is a convenient service for collection, navigation and monetization of push-notifications. Here web masters can easily set up and manage their ad campaign, take part in partnership program and actively attract audience. Easy set-up, convenient statistics, profitable conditions of partnership program – we guarantee all that.

There are a lot of ways to use it. And most importantly – for an advertiser it’s a possibility to legally and without sanctions advertise their goods and services without fear of sanctions and restrictions.

And for more convenience we work with different wallets: YandexMoney,, Webmoney, PayPal, Visa etc. It is enough to use push-notifications if you don’t want to use other methods. The further, the more effective they’ll become. Sign in on the Zel.Biz site and make your business more successful.